20 ScreenLESS Activities for Your Weekend

Farmer's Market

We practice #takebacktheweekend every weekend we can. Why?

Because we believe having a dedicated time apart from social media and technology is important. We love the way it connects us and allows us to do our jobs, but we want to be good stewards of this responsibility. We believe that scheduled, intentional time AWAY from your phone and screen is best for cultivating true rest. We choose to do this during the weekend, but it can be whenever works for you! Sometimes it’s easy to use scrolling on the phone as an excuse because we have NOTHING else to do. Ever been there?

To SOLVE that major problem, Ryan and I like to keep a list of fun activities to do during our screen-less weekend so we never fall into that trap. You can even print these out and pick new ones out of a hat each weekend! And if you find something new, add it to the list. Your body, mind, and heart will thank you for giving it a rest from the social media scroll.

I hope these activities help you when you #takebacktheweekend or take back any time you want to re-claim as your own. Let’s cultivate peace together!

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