Being Afraid & Taking Risk Anyway: Ft. Adventurer Dillon Wehde

Dillon Wehde Being Afraid and Taking Risk

Chelsie here! I love featuring interesting people doing interesting thing to help inspire you that a DIFFERENT kind of life IS possible. It’s not for everyone, but it might just be for you.

In this episode of my personal podcast, I loved chatting with my brother Dillon. He is 22 and a man of many talents. He lived in a 400sf apartment in downtown San Francisco for the last year, and is freelancer in videography, photography, & audio engineering. He is a nomadic minimilist who's traveled extensively, loves meeting new people, and has a knack for the art of conversation. He's had some crazy experiences (one may or may not have been working for the government. ;) He is currently in the process of living in and converting a van into a tiny home to travel around the country.

Take a listen to hear us chat about being afraid and taking risks anyway, why being a good conversationalist is so important to loving people, and some inspiration from his travels. This episode was recorded a little wonky, so forgive some of the sound issues. We're hoping your ears have lots and lots of grace. ;) <3 

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