Caroline Potter: Modeling Rhythms of Health + Rest


Today we’re so excited to be featuring another mom who is committed to living intentionally and full of joy.

Meet Caroline Potter. A wife, mama, Holistic nutritionist, and someone who is purposefully cultivating conscious rhythms of rest with her family.

We’ve loved following Caroline on Instagram and being inspired by her work to find healthy patterns for her body, mind, and family. We couldn’t wait to pick her brain on how she does this, while also pursuing a career helping others!

Tune into our conversation below:

  • Tell us a little bit about you + your awesome fam

My husband and I met at church when he was leading worship—he majorly chased after me! ;) After the first date I knew I was going to marry him and we dated entirely long distance (while I was still in college) before getting engaged!  Our sweet daughter Remington Claire entered our world just a year ago and has changed our life in all the best ways!


I wear many hats and try my best to intentionally balance work and family life, trust me it isn’t always easy! I am a holistic nutritionist (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner), Type 1 diabetic, big believer in saying ‘no’, introvert and look forward to afternoon walks with our sweet daughter and golden retriever, Libby. I also lead a team of over 300 women with Beautycounter, a safer beauty company that is making waves transforming the industry.

  • You run a business all about conscious living. Why are you so passionate about this message?

Truthfully, it took a wake up call and a miscarriage to have this transformation! I was caught up in the ‘hustle’ mentality a few years back. On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but on the inside I was crumbling from the pressure. I thought that saying one more ‘yes’ and one more cup of coffee would lead to contentment and success. I thought that eating one more perfect meal would make me even more healthy. As I matured and also experienced real life filled with both successes and some really difficult, painful seasons I realized I don’t have to ‘do all the things’ or chase perfection to be healthy. I only have to intentionally choose to honor my body.

 I meet women where they are and encourage them they can take simple steps to cultivate sustainable, daily practices to live a healthy life! 

Conscious living empowers you to make intentional choices with the food you eat, the mindset you practice, how you respond to stress and the products you use in your home and on your body. It is believing wholeheartedly that you are worthy of investing in yourself and pursuing grace over perfection and hustle. 

  • What kinds of changes did you make to your lifestyle when you had your daughter?

Way less alone time, can I be honest?! I am an introvert and having someone that constantly needs me has been one of the hardest parts! Being needed is also so beautiful and reminds me of our relationship with God and how we desperately need him just like Remington needs me. God has really transformed my heart over the past year.

I’ve had to learn to prioritize self care, my health and getting in alone time more than ever before. I know I have to fill up my cup in order to be able to best serve my family and my business, and I don’t believe this is selfish! I make sure that I do something each day, even if it is only for 15 minutes, that is just for me and I approach self care from a perspective of knowing that it impacts more than just me—it positively impacts my relationship with my husband, daughter, God and my business.

Routines also keep me in check and give me so much freedom! When I wake up early and do my morning routine, I feel so calm, joyful and confident to take on the day. It’s been a game changer for me and has really helped me approach the day with joy and intention.

  • As a working mom, the word ‘hustle’ comes up. But how do you model healthy rhythms of rest for your daughter?

I choose not to embrace the hustle everyday—there are seasons when you absolutely have to hustle to make your dreams a reality, but it isn’t a philosophy I embrace every day. 

Most importantly, I don’t do it all, and I don’t even try to do it all.  I refuse to spread myself too thin and rather focus on doing a few things well.

I understand what my strengths are and where my time is best spent and I do not multi-task! I believe multitasking only makes us scattered, anxious and frustrated, so I only commit to one thing at a time. I am highly focused (its a strength and a weakness), so when our sweet nanny arrives, I commit to work and hustle during my limited working hours. In the afternoons and weekends, I fully invest my heart and energy with Remington! It’s our special time together and I turn off the to-do list during those hours.

I set firm boundaries and say NO very often—if a commitment doesn't align with what is best for my family or our big picture vision I say no and I don’t feel guilty for it ever, even though I am sure I frustrate some people.  I don’t say yes to activities with friends during my working hours because I know that will impact my play time with my husband and Remington later in the day. I also say no to work calls during my time with Remington, which is often super difficult with a huge time change living in Spain and means I typically have to work at night a few days a week. 

On the weekends we play and nap and I typically don’t have my phone with me! I started taking weekends off social media (inspired by you all & #takebacktheweekend!) earlier this year and that has given me a sense of calm and perspective, so when Monday comes I am ready to tackle the week again! 

  • Why do you believe a balanced lifestyle is so important?

God gave us one body and one life to live and I believe it is our responsibility to steward that well! The decisions we make today don’t just affect us tomorrow, they affect us for a lifetime and our future generations. That’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly!


My pregnancy was really rough, for many reasons, but I was high risk due to Type 1 diabetes. I had ultra sounds and blood tests every few weeks and the doctors were always shocked by my positive results. I know that was the result of countless positive choices I started making years prior. Seeing the results of my hard work, my dedication to healthy living come full circle was incredible and only gave me a deeper passion for helping others live the same.

  • You are passionate about your health and the things you put on and inside your body. What are some ways for us to model healthy choices for our kiddos?

Make it a natural part of everyday life!  Don’t bring something into your home if it is going to cause you to stumble—that is just going to create conflict, negativity and possibly even guilt. For us, “healthy food” is just food, we don’t put labels on things or talk about it being “healthy” we just approach it as what we do and believe in.

I believe there is so much restriction and negativity in the healthy living space and prefer to focus on the positives.  So for example, I get asked a lot about what Remington eats and instead of saying “Oh she doesn’t eat xyz” I flip the script and say “She eats _____ because it gives her the nutrients she needs to grow and develop.”  Instead of saying, “Oh I don’t use that skincare product” I instead say “I am choosing safer beauty products because they impact our hormones, fertility, energy and future health.”  Right now, since she is so little, I practice saying what I believe with her so that one day when she can comprehend, it will just be a natural extension of her life!

When you re-frame your mindset to approaching the positives, it’s life changing not only for you but also others who might be curious!

I know the best way I can model healthy choices for my family is just by living it each day—staying diligent in the little choices even when it isn’t glamorous or convenient.

Speed round. Answer each of these in 3 words or less:


• Favorite product you’re using lately?

Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm

• Two things you want to teach your daughter?

To choose joy and to trust in God’s plan!

• Most favorite travel spot with a kiddo?

Southern Spain and Slovenia

  • Best place to follow you and your family?

    I share real life on Instagram! My website Flourish has weekly blog posts, free resources and a fun growth quiz too!