Family Peter Pan Halloween Costumes

family peter pan costumes

Wendy Darling had quite the adventure this Halloween. She learned to fly, became queen of the lost boys, fought off Captain Hook and Baby Smee, and learned that growing up is the most magical adventure of them all.

This year, we wanted to incorporate a little bit of story-telling into our Peter Pan family costumes. And our kiddos miraculously cooperated for an hour while taking the photos. Parenting miracle, right there! I hope they love these photos as they get older! :)

This wasn’t a hard costume to make if you’re wanting to try it yourself! Check out how we took this photo + where we got our costumes from at the bottom of this page.

peter pan family

How We Did it:

  1. First we chose a spot that we knew would have easy photoshopping qualities and similar patterns.

  2. Then we stood on a stool and a ladder and took the photo.

  3. We moved out of the image and took the same exact photo without us in it.

  4. Photoshop trick: We placed the photo without us in it as the first layer and the photo with us in it as the second layer. I then erased (using erase tool) all the area that showed the stool and ladder. When editing, zoom in real close to get the little pixels erased.

  5. I also selected our bodies and right-clicked and layered via a copy to move us up a bit.

  6. Then I threw in a PNG file of sparkles and added Tinkerbell using a lens flare from photoshop.

  7. If I went back, I’d have us stand on our tiptoes so we’d appear to be flying more realistically. ;)

  • Wendy: Nightgown (Amazon), Ribbon (Target)

  • Captain Hook: White Undershirt (Goodwill), Red Jacket (Amazon), Wig (Amazon), Hat (Amazon), Hook (Amazon), Pants and shoes (Nisolo) were my husbands

  • Little Smee: Hand-me-down striped onesie + Red hat made out of a red onesie I had floating around.

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