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Hey friend!

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This is just a little document I created for myself when walking through seasons of struggle. It helps me pinpoint WHERE the root of my emotions lie. Sometimes it's easy to feel all the feels and have NO idea where they are coming from, right? This helps me track down my feelings + follow them back to the root.

I use this every 6 months or so, when I feel like I'm coming up on big change in my life. I tend to resist change and feel sad and not know why. But remember, USUALLY seasons of (non-clinical) sadness are indicators that tell us:

1. Change is coming + adjustment is needed
2. God is working in an area of our life to help us grow
3. Or we may have neglected an area that needs some love

This tool helps me pinpoint why I'm feeling sad and normalizes it so I don't blow it out of proportion. (Cuz I tend to do that. lol). Remember, being human is feeling ALL the things. Happiness AND sadness is normal and part of our experience here....and learning to embrace and understand both can bring even more joy to your life than you realized.

Here's a little photo below of HOW I use the first page of this.

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