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We had SO much fun taking a mini trip to Hawaii this January. It was super spontaneous (we booked it two weeks before) and was a trip to rest and spend time together just as a family. 

But it honestly was one of our most favorite places we've EVER been. We're already talking about when we can go back. And if you know me, you know I am a heat and humidity girl through and through. So I was in HEAVEN.

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    Flying with Amelia was pretty good on the way there. She is getting to the active stage, so lots of toys and snacks helped! When we landed, we immediately picked up our Turo rental jeep. We love Turo, because it's basically Airbnb for cars and the owners generally just meet you right outside the terminal and hand you the keys. We cruised into Honolulu and then right up over to the north side of the island, where we stayed on the North Shore. 

    baby kisses
    golden beach

    We stayed in a little Airbnb studio apartment RIGHT on the ocean. It was so dreamy, full of windows all around and a big bed with a romantic white canopy. And the bathroom and shampoos and conditioner were AMAZING. Obv, that ranks very high on my list. (To find the Airbnb we used, check out my Hawaii Travel Guide here).

    I immediately went down to the beach, because I have been itching to swim so bad! It was a little windy that day, but my goodness the beach was beautiful. 

    ryan and amelia in hawaii
    airbnb in hawaii
    hailewa hawaii
    under the sea exploring

    The next day, we decided to wander around the town of Haleiwa and get acai bowls. It was a little rainy...island life....we are very familiar with this kind of weather. So un-discouraged, we grabbed our suits and drove around the island, looking for a place where the clouds parted. We finally found it on this dreamy beach with lagoon water. 

    exploring in haleiwa
    acai bowls
    acai tropical
    swimming in waikiki
    swimming with the baby

    We enjoyed a WHOLE lot more acai bowls, smoothie bowls, and fruit. I am pretty sure my tastebuds are burned off from all the pineapple I ate, but hey, it was worth it.

    One of our most FAVORITE stops was at Ka'ena Point, where we hiked around for a bit. It had the most EPIC views, some pretty legit mud that swallowed up my tennies, and a cameo from the show Lost TV sets on the drive there. It was a fairly easy hike with Amelia, but if it has rained, bring waterproof shoes!

    sunset cafe
    swimming on an adventure
    Ka'ena Point
    exploring in a jeep
    adventuring in hawaii as a family
    Ryan and Amelia
    Ka'ena Point

    After the North Shore, we headed over to the other side of the island to stay in Kaneohe. We love getting to see so many places, so we always stay in as many spots as we can! We stayed in an adorable little resort with views of the bay area and yummy breakfast in the morning. 

    Highlights of this area were the cool botanical gardens, hiking around where Jurassic Park was filmed, and attending church on Sunday and meeting some instagram followers!

    spaghetti while pregnant
    riding in hawaii
    traveling with amelia
    wandering in the jungle

    In the middle part of our trip, we were so blessed to have our friend Lindsey Roman let us stay with her. She is THE COOLEST. Her house was so rad and we posed for a mentorship session she was doing while there. (Check out a couple of her amazing photos below and go follow her!)

    And we ended the trip in Waikiki. Of course! We had to try it out in all its tourist glory.

    We did a lot of fun stuff here....visited the most amazing donut shop, tried to hike a waterfall, and went to Diamond Head State Monument. (More details in my FREE travel guide)

    It was crazy and busy and a fun way to end the last day and night. Watching the sun go down with a hundred thousand people felt very community oriented (and also very weird). lol.

    I would go back in A HEARTBEAT. But I'd love to visit Kauai too. How about you? Do you have any suggestions on where in Hawaii we should visit next?

    Amelia in Waikiki Royal Hawaiian
    exploring in hawaii
    sunset in hawaii

    Now it’s your turn….

    Our time in Hawaii was ALL it's cracked up to be. If you want to do a similar trip and would like all the deets (where we stayed, our driving route, the coffee shops/restaurants/hiking spots we loved), sign up for our travel guide below.

    Happy traveling, friend!

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