Happy Earth Day: 10 Simple Ways to Encourage Outdoor Play


Happy Earth Day, Ya’ll!

We wanted to share our 10 simple ways to encourage outdoor play in your infant and toddler.

We are avid sunshine lovers....I’d rather be outside than anywhere in my house. Anyone else? And I always joke that I didn’t wear shoes until I was 13 years old.

After I had Amelia, being outside was a HUGE source of joy, as I walked through being at home more and the emotions that come with post-pregnancy. As she got older, I found myself trying to find creative ways to bring an infant and now a toddler outside. I believe a little dirt and exploration is good for the soul.

So we set outside a certain amount of time each day to go outside and we use this list to get creative.

Here’s our FREE PDF about 10 Simple Ways to Encourage Outdoor Play.