We renovated a CAMPER!

fifth wheel done_45.jpg
fifth wheel done_3.jpg
fifth wheel done_35.jpg

Chelsie here. As most of you probably know by now, Ryan and I traveled the US in a fifth wheel from February 2015-September 2015. It was exciting and challenging, especially because we were looking to go tiny and find something that felt like home.

A homey sunny camper ended up being way too hard to find and so.... we had to create it!

We hammered and drilled and cut and sewed and painted and wallpapered, all to create our dream home within a fifth wheel. We picked a used fifth wheel that was budget friendly (under $15,000) and our total renovations/decor rang up under $2500. This became our permanent home for close to a year and it was an INCREDIBLE experiment. We ended up selling the camper, basically flipping it and not losing any money. But we still dream about our camping days.

Since our camper has never quite made it to the Outside Fam blog, check out our before & after photos below.

Living Space: Before + After

camper before
camper reno with pup
before living room
after camper living room
before main living camper
after main living copy
pup in a camper

Kitchen: Before + After

kitchen before
kitchen camper reno
kitchen before
camper kitchen re-do
kitchen camper before
camper kitchen after
kitchen redo
backsplash camper
fifth wheel done_67.jpg
camper kitchen reno wallpaper
camper kitchen mug rack

Dining Room: Before + After

dining room camper reno
our living space redo camper

Bedroom: Before + After

bedroom shelves before camper
bedroom shelves redo camper
camper bedroom before
camper bedroom after
camper redo 1
camper redo 2
camper bedroom redo
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