Why #takebacktheweekend is still our weekend jam

take back the weekend

I’m still SO passionate about the movement we started over 6 months ago called #takebacktheweekend. With more and more of you signing up to participate EVERY week, I am confident that we are changing the way society thinks about social media and rest. So many of you have been part of that revolutionary thought and I am SO overjoyed.

If you don’t know what this movement is all about, here’s a snippet from my original blog post journey below.

Did you know that the average American adult spends over 11 hours a day on some sort of screen. And that kids today spend less time outdoors than a prison inmate does?

Isn't that crazy?! When we first had our daughter, we began to feel convicted about how much we were using social media. We LOVE the internet and use it for our businesses, but it began to overtake so much of our time.

By setting healthy boundaries, I believe we CAN use technology with responsibility, while also teaching the next generation how to still connect in real life. With this, we can also decrease our anxiety and find balance.

I felt convinced that if I could take away technology during some of our “rest” times, I could teach Amelia (our kiddo) that healthy play, imagination, and outside-focused time was possible. A few months back, I started this hashtag on social media and began my journey with those who follow me.

And it’s been incredible. Every Friday night, I delete (or hide) my Instagram, Facebook, and email apps (anything that allows me to scroll). From Friday night to Sunday night, I stay off these apps.

It has completely changed our family’s life. We have spent more time with friends, more time with each other, and more time outside. Mostly, we are just more intentional. We don’t feel ‘blah’ on the weekends, but have set plans and exciting things to do and ideas for activities.

If you want to read the rest of my journey and RECLAIM YOUR PEACE, check out my original blog post here. You can even sign up at the end to join in and I’ll send you a note and free gift.

If you’re struggling with the comparison game, social media frenzy and addiction, or even anxiety….I’d LOVE for you to try this out with us and share this video below.