The average kid today spends less time outside than a prisoner.
— Percil's Dirt is Good


We don’t believe screens are evil, but we do think we have a BIGGER responsibility to find balance and re-connect our families with the gift of life around us.

We've always been passionate about that life. After getting married, we sold everything, bought a camper, and took off on a year-long roadtrip around the country. On the way we learned some valuable lessons: the outdoors were very important to us, meeting new people was the best education we ever got, and never, ever let your black tank back up and explode poopy mess all over your camper.

5 years later, our camping & poop adventures prepared us well for when baby #1 and #2 came along. We’re passionate about bringing our babes on travels with us, cultivating a business that works for our lifestyle, and creating a life of peace and balance.

We believe a new movement is needed. A movement of grown up kids, like you and me, who want to raise our children a little differently. We want to find other families that are passionate about this same mission. So welcome to our Outside Fam...I hope our family and the many others you see here will inspire you to live in an outside sort of way: outside your house, outside the box, & outside your comfort zone.

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